Fasten your seat belts, as we create a smooth landing page.

As the online world grows increasingly intuitive, landing pages are becoming an integral part of any marketing strategy. While websites are important for informing and convincing potential consumers of your business strategy, multiple pages and navigation options can get in the way of accomplishing simple marketing goals.

Do you want visitors to give you their email, make a purchase, or sign up for a webinar? Then create a landing page.

Landing pages strip away the navigation bar and menus to focus the page visitor on the purpose of the page before their short attention span takes them somewhere else.


Here are eight tip to creating a stand-out landing page:

    1. Determine your goal.
      Then center your layout, design and wording to accomplish it.
    2. Know your audience.
      The design and word choice hinge on the audience’s needs, and knowing who you’re talking to can help you capture their attention.
    3. Craft a catchy headline.
      If the headline doesn’t grab their attention, you already lost them. It can be to-the-point or funny, as long as it increases interest in what you’re selling.
    4. Make them an offer they can’t refuse.
      Remember your goal and audience when you select an offer. Even a beautifully crafted landing page does nothing when visitors see no value in the offer.
    5. Choose captivating visuals.
      Images can create interest and emotion before they even read the headline, but they can also cheapen your brand if you’re not careful. Photos and videos need to be high-quality and reflect your brand and styling.
    6. Establish trust.
      This can be accomplished with client testimonials or logos that let page visitors know that you are a reliable source.
    7. Call to action.
      Your page may do a powerful job of convincing people that you have something great to offer, but unless you clearly prompt them to 
      do something about it they may click away from the site in confusion. Create a goal-centered outlet for conversion
    8. Don’t lose steam.
      You’ve already got someone’s attention, hold onto it through creating a post-conversion page. Once someone has converted on your landing page, use that momentum to direct them to another offer.