In today’s generation, there’s not a lack of social media use and interest in technology – quite the opposite. And because of the strong influence technology and social media has, it forces digital marketers to work harder to keep up with the overly active population. In today’s digital landscape, marketers must be smart about how they advertise. Millennial’s are smarter than the average joe, meaning they’ll see right through any aggressive and insincere marketing technique.

Web Surfers:

  • 39% of visitors leave a website if images either take too long to load or don’t load at all.
  • 44% of people will leave a company’s website if there’s no contact information.
  • 38% will stop engaging with a website if they find it unattractive.

Not only do most people see right through advertisements, they usually don’t even give it the time of day. Advertisements popping up on your Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook? Unless the ads are visually interesting or meet a current need of the customer, most serve only as additional fluff on the webpage. With digital marketing becoming more personalized, the hope of marketers is that each ad will address a need or want of the consumer that it reaches.

CNBC recently studied the topic of advertisements and millennials attention span. Their findings suggest that for advertisers to successfully get through to millennials, their ads must be around 5-6 second – no longer. The pressure is on the marketers to present in a quick manner material that is engaging and impactful.

What makes a good website?

The most important thing for a website is to have practicality and be attractive. To create a positive experience for users, a website must be easy to read and easy to understand, while looking aesthetically pleasing. The color scheme, text and graphics must be well thought out, evoking the right feelings and ideas. Both the graphics and word content must be simple yet informative, clean yet stylish, all while bringing something unique to the table in their respective industry. If you don’t stand out, you lose. Effectively catching the collective eye of millennials can be the difference between a successful company and a good, but ultimately failed, idea.


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