If so, how much do they matter?

Say you could convert 2% of website visitors rather than 1%. How would that change revenues for your company? While it’s just one percentage point, it also represents a doubling of your conversion rate, meaning your new clientele is potentially doubled.

This is probably why “call to action” phrasing gets a lot of attention. If you could just squeeze through an extra percent, or even half a percent, that’s a big deal for a lot of small businesses and large corporations alike.

Let’s define it first.
Call To Action: The text you use to ask someone to do something, download something, sign up, get a report, etc.

Hubspot suggests that the right Calls to Action (CTAs) can convert website visitors to leads by a rate more than 40% higher than basic CTAs.

CTA Phrases to Use:

Sign Up For Free
Sign Up
Add to Cart
Join Free
Get Started
Join Now
Learn More
Register Now
Reserve Now
See it in Action
Buy Today
Call Now
Click Here
Contact Now
Donate Today
Enroll Now
Find Out More
Get a Free Quote Today
Immediate Download
Learn More
Register Now
Reserve Now
See it in Action
Sign-up Here
Sign Up For Free
Start Now
Take the Tour
Talk to an Expert
Watch Our Tutorial
Get My Custom Report

Even Better:
Try [product or service] For Free
Give [product or service] a Try
Our Work
Send Me Specials Now
Claim Your Free Trial
Let’s Start
Let’s Begin
Sign Up to Start
Take Me There
Get Started
Find Out More

Phrases & Words to Avoid:
Blow Out Deal
Low Price
Limited Time Offer
[Anything Blinking]
Amazing Deal

The right CTAs aren’t just for getting people to call. Maybe it is an option to subscribe, or download a PDF, or what have you. They are also important for simply getting people to spend more time on your site. Think if every user visited just one extra page on your site; that’s a huge boost in traffic for most websites! And the more pages they see, the more informed they become about your product or service. They’re moving down the sales funnel.

Seven Rules to Follow For Effective Calls to Action

  1. Write your CTAs in the first person, like the person is speaking internally to themselves.
  2. Your text should complete the sentence “I want to __________”.
  3. Limit the number of CTAs on a page. Too many buttons and underlined text is bad.
  4. Don’t ask for too much too early.
  5. The content before the CTA needs to rock.
  6. Don’t be shy, show your CTA boldly.
  7. Match the CTA with your advertising elsewhere.