How to Get Your Content Seen

First and foremost, let’s establish this golden rule: content matters! SEO, education, recognition, authority, etc.; the reasons go on and on.

Content is king! But your content isn’t getting views, the buzz, or the interaction you’re looking for. What’s the matter?

Myth: Create It, and They Will Come

Sure, Google will index what you create, but that is not going to be enough in today’s content-inundated internet.

Baseline: Social Media

This is the no-brainer. But managing social media becomes too time consuming for many businesses. Especially if you’re the business owner, trying to create videos and articles, and then taking the time to spread them on social media.

Here are three tools to try:

  • Buffer

    Schedule all your posts for all your social media accounts. This means you can just take a few hours and be done with social media posts for the month. That is, if you have the content created.

  • Hootsuite

    Connect all your social media accounts, and publish posts across all platforms with one click.

  • MeetEdgar

    Recycles your posts and updates, resharing your content over time to gain more followers.

Wait, should you share the same post multiple times? Yes! Remember people are viewing a stream. They won’t see your post as a duplicate, because it’s so far down the stream.

The effectiveness of social media is dependent on your following, however, so sharing content on social media isn’t going to solve all your issues with visibility. These tools are excellent for developing a good cadence, an active feed that people want to follow.

Boosted, Targeted Content

If you create an awesome video, or a great article, it is valuable to boost it. Specifically on Facebook and Instagram, it’s hard to get in the game without paying. It’s not terribly expensive, and you can gain followers, website visits, credibility, brand awareness, etc. It’s hard to measure the effect of a boosted post on ROI, but trust the process.

A Note: It doesn’t matter how well you promote your content if the content itself stinks. Follow these three rules:

  1. Personable
  2. Aesthetically Pleasing
  3. Visual (people today are visual learners, so remember that even with blogs)
  4. Optimized For Mobile Devices

Collaboration and Connection

Look for people who’ve shared similar content as yours. Like and follow what they’ve created, and try to develop a digital connection. Over time, you may even find people to collaborate with. When you create something together, it provides a way for you both to gain a share of the other’s followers.

Use to find key influencers on your topic, and to find the right angle for your content.

Repurpose Your Content

Created a cool video? Write it out in blog form. Wrote an article? Do a voice recording. Find new platforms to publish your content in new mediums.

In connection with this, make your content as a timeless as possible. Don’t include dates in your headlines. Don’t reference current events. You want to be able to repurpose and reshare your content from last year, this year. It’s great practice to add to, expand, and update existing content.

Worried about duplicate content penalties? Here is a good explanation of why that usually isn’t an issue.


More than 65% of your target market is going to check out your website before they ever set foot in your place of business.

A Note About Website Content

Even after a few months, there is a good chance that your website needs updating.

  1. Think about smartphones. This often means fewer pictures, more whitespace, and few if any animations.
  2. Choose your images carefully. People remember about 80% of what they see, and only 20% of what they read. Find an image that resonates! Infographics can be amazing.
  3. Choose readable fonts. Stick with these:
  4. Pick just one central color. Accent it with one other subtle color, and then neutrals.